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Dear Valued CycleDios’ Users,
The pandemic has triggered us to improve and evaluate our services to you. Making sure every of our bicycles are save to be used by our valued customers, the bicycle rental service will be serve by Station’s Ranger(s).

Existing Users - with balance credit in the E-Wallet account, you may

  • Download “CycleDios Jom” Apps in Play Store or App Store to continue Enjoy self unlocking service with remain credit in the Apps. (You need to re-login by using current username and password).

  • Continue Enjoy Self-Unlocking service until minimum credit balance in e-wallet.

  • Users who remain credit balance in CycleDios’s e-wallet, you may withdraw your minimum credit by contacting our Station’s Ranger.

  • Get HELP from the nearest Station’s Ranger OR Contacting our Management 013-599 9133

New Users - Not Accepting New Application until further notice.

Service With the assistance of CycleDios Ranger(s)
We value you and please let us serve you during these Pandemic for making sure that our bicycles are save to be used.
Please feel free  to contact us if you need  further assistance on our service. 
Contact Number 013-599 9133 Or Email:
Thank you
Keep Healthy, Keep Safe
Regards, Cycledios Management Sdn Bhd

Menghindar jangkitan COVID-19 adalah tanggungjawab sosial bersama.